Exclusive Backcountry Skiing tours
Whistler Ski Guides specialises in one service - Guiding exclusive, private, backcountry ski touring trips. We understand that this is your day to get out and explore the Whistler backcountry, so we are here to make sure you get the most out if it.
Dates and times
We work with you to choose backcountry ski objectives based on what type of day you want to have; current snow conditions; and, weather forecasts. Of course, your Guide for the day will also use his or her personal knowledge of where the best quality snow is (and where other skiers are not!)

Ski tours in the Whistler/Blackcomb backcountry all start at 0800, meeting at a pre-arranged location in Whistler Village. Our Ski Guides can also meet at any of the local Hotels in resort as well, just let us know where you are staying. All logistics are arranged in advance with our knowledgeable and friendly office staff, so you are fully prepared for your backcountry skiing adventure.

A typical backcountry skiing day is spent skiing on the glaciers and in the backcountry of Garibaldi Provincial Park - adjacent to the Whistler/Blackcomb ski resort - with a return to the ski area and Whistler village by 4:00. During the late winter and spring seasons, ski tours may be extended to return later in the day at special request.

What exactly is "Backcountry Skiing"?
Backcountry Skiing (or Alpine Touring), is uphill travel on your skis to get to the top of each ski run. The technique requires specialised touring bindings on regular skis, usually a fat or mid-fat ski. The bindings are hinged so that you can go uphill (like a cross country ski binding), and then lock down for the descent where the bindings behave just like any other downhill binding. Climbing Skins that attach to the bottom of the skis are used to prevent sliding backwards. Going up with skins is referred to as “skinning”. Once at the top, the skins are removed, bindings are locked into downhill mode and you are ready to shred!

Backcountry touring can be done on snowboards as well, using a Splitboard and climbing skins. Splitboards are snowboards that "split" into skis for the uphill, using skins; and, lock together into a regular snowboard for the descent.

Off-piste skiing is often confused with backcountry skiing.  Off-piste is typically skiing off the main groomed runs, yet still using the lifts on the resort to get back to the top. Backcountry skiing is completely outside of the ski resorts, and only uses the ski lifts in the morning to access the backcountry terrain initially. After that point, everything is self propelled - but you get to ski without the crowds!

If you have not backcountry skied before, it is a great opportunity to experience some of the best powder skiing around Whistler, and no previous experience is required. The uphill portion just requires that you are in good physical condition and are up for a bit of adventure!

Whistler Ski Guides can arrange rentals of Backcountry Ski Equipment if needed.

1 person: $495/day
2 people: $545/day per group
3-4 people: $600/day per group
5-6 people: $650/day per group

5% discount if there are 2 or more Ski Guides hired for any one date/group. Overnight trips please add $50/day surcharge.

Included in all Ski Tours (if required)
  • rates based on one Ski Guide per group
  • all ski guide services
  • avalanche safety kit (beacon, shovel, probe and daypack)
  • glacier/mountaineering safety gear if needed (ropes, harnesses, etc)
  • instructional materials, if required or relevant
  • all pre-trip organization handled by email and phone

Not included in the ski tour bookings
  • 5% GST will be added to all costs
  • lunch, beverages and snacks must be provided by each participant
  • personal clothing suitable for cold weather touring
  • backcountry skis, bindings and climbing skins (Rentals available)
  • lift fees (backcountry tickets available for $58)
  • transportation costs if a location outside of Whistler/Blackcomb is chosen
  • hut/camping fees if a multi-day overnight trip is chosen
  • Guide gratuities and tips are not included
Gear requirements
The following personal equipment is all that is required by you for a typical Ski Touring day-trip. Please contact our staff to discuss the specific gear required for Backcountry Ski Touring. Click here to download a .PDF Gear List

  • Alpine Touring Skis; Telemark skis; or, Splitboard. Must have climbing skins.  Backcountry Ski & Splitboard rentals can be arranged, please contact us
  • Boots - regular alpine boots can be used if they are comfortable and are not a tight fitting race boot
  • Poles with powder baskets. Split-boarders should have collapsible poles to store in your pack on descents
  • Ski helmet. Whistler Ski Guides reommends skiing with a helmet.
  • Outer layer jacket with hood - Gore-Tex style
  • Outer shell pants or bibs - Gore-Tex style recommended for ventilation while touring
  • Personal clothing layers suitable for current conditions                            (dress for exercise while touring and cooler conditions while descending)
  • Gloves, standard ski gloves are suitable
  • Warm jacket - down or synthetic for rest breaks and colder weather
  • Sweater or vest - wool, fleece or down
  • Toque/warm hat - wool or fleece
  • Sunglasses
  • Ski goggles
  • Misc. personal items (camera, etc.)
  • Additional Gear may be supplied on some tours, based on objectives
If you can ski moderate Blue runs, you can tour in the backcountry with Whistler Ski Guides! We choose many of our ski tours based on ability levels and fitness levels, though if you wish to have a group of skiers together for a day who are at different levels we can certainly accommodate that.

Steep skiing and Big Mountain objectives
For those seeking to challenge themselves on some of the "big mountain lines" in the backcountry, we recommend that you are a strong intermediate or advanced skier with some experience in off-piste or powder conditions. Your day will include some big ascents (in order to get to the entrances of the bigger ski lines) so you should be physically fit and accustomed to touring or hiking in backcountry conditions (of course, we will be breaking the trail for you, though!).

General Backcountry Ski Touring objectives
If you are looking for a more general ski touring experience, with lots of vertical on the glaciers, bowls or in the glades or tree skiing terrain in the backcountry around Whistler/Blackcomb, basic/intermediate skiing skills and a moderate level of fitness will suffice.
Please contact us directly to discuss your fitness level if you are unsure if backcountry skiing is appropriate for you or anyone in your group.
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