Ski Tours around Whistler, BC
The backcountry skiing near Whistler and Blackcomb is among some of the finest ski touring in the world, ranging from open bowls and gladed tree runs, to seemingly endless glaciers and big north face alpine features. Here are a few of the classic backcountry ski areas, but keep in mind that this is big country and each of these ski touring destinations can provide an endless variety of ski runs all season long, from deep winter powder to excellent spring corn into May.
(suitable for all levels of ski ability and fitness)
The skiing here never ceases to amaze, with so many hidden stashes that even veteran locals get surprised with the runs they have never skied before! All the ski tours here are in Garibaldi Provincial Park, accessed from Whistler Mountain's lifts. These series of "Musical" peaks - Piccolo, Flute and Oboe - provide mainly north-facing bowls and gladed tree skiing. Starting with a hike up Flute, you will choose the best ski line down in to Oboe Basin, skiing 300m (1,000') as a warm up run. Skinning up the pleasant up-track through the glades to Oboe Summit allows you time to scope out the next run down from Oboe Summit.  Repeat as necessary, until the sun is getting low, then a quick traverse back into the ski area gets you one final descent down the groomers into the Village.

(suitable for advanced skiers; excellent fitness required)
Fissile Peak dominates the skyline from the Whistler lifts and throughout the Musical Bumps. The North Face sports many classic big-mountain ski lines - Banana Chute, the Elevator Shaft and Saddle Chute among others. These are not for the faint of heart, requiring a long approach of at least 3+ hours of skinning to just gain the ridge crest, as well as a substantial amount of boot packing up the final steep slopes. The reward is well worth the effort though - the skiing off the north side is steep and sustained at 45 degrees or more, with runs up to 600m (2,000')!

As big mountain skiing goes, Fissile provides some of the finest to be had in the Whistler region, if conditions permit.
(suitable for intermediate or better skiers; good fitness required)
Boasting such classics as "9th Hole" and the "Finger Chutes", the ski runs off of Decker offer some of the best and most accessible backcountry skiing on the Blackcomb Mountain side of the valley. Whether you are looking for steep chutes off of the West Ridge or the big glacier ski runs on the north side, you will find some fine big mountain adrenaline! Access is up the Blackcomb Glacier through the East Col, or via the south side traverse from 7th Heaven. 

(1 to 3 days; suitable for intermediate or better skiers; good fitness required)
The "Spearhead
Traverse" from Blackcomb to Whistler is a classic West Coast backcountry ski tour for good reason.  Often compared favourably with the Haute Route in the European Alps, this adventure starts at the top of Blackcomb Mountain as you head out through the East Col and into the Spearhead Range. Crossing 12 glaciers and staying above 2,000m (6,600') you will travel through some incredible terrain before you come out through the Musical Bumps and back to Whistler. While this can be done in one-day, a multi-day trip of 2-3 days allows you to fully enjoy the experience and get to ski a few of the glaciers and climb some of the summits along the way! 

Musical Bumps

Cowboy Ridge

(suitable for intermediate-advanced skiers; good fitness required)
Cowboy Ridge is at the far end of the Musical Bumps, above Singing Pass. After skiing up and over Oboe Summit (with a couple of fine ski runs down), you will head up to the top of Cowboy Ridge proper. Amazing views wait for you, looking out onto the glaciers and ice fields of Garibaldi Provincial Park along with Fissile Peak, Overlord Mountain and the Spearhead Range. The skiing here is superb with 400m (1,200') descents of wide open bowls, steep chutes or mellow glades; your choice - after all, it is your day! After you have had enough turns, an exhilarating descent down the Singing Pass Trail brings you straight out to the Village, or you can choose to return up and over the Bumps and get in a couple more runs on the way home.

North Face of Fissile

Decker Mountain

Spearhead Peak area

(suitable for intermediate/advanced skiers; good fitness required)
Spearhead Peak is the next summit beyond Blackcomb Peak, accessed from the top of the Blackcomb lifts. After a short warm-up skinning up to the East Col (between Blackcomb and Spearhead peaks), you and your Guide will choose from many different options depending on the snow and avalanche conditions. Big glaciers descents, high alpine bowls and steep couloirs are all on the menu in this tiger country. This is where many of the big classic ski lines are located - Husume, Corona Bowl, Cham Chutes, Sun Bowl and many more.

Spearhead Traverse

Duffey Lake Road area

(suitable for intermediate-advanced skiers; good fitness required)
Driving north of Whistler for 1 hour gets you to the "dry" side of the Coast Mountains. Here you will find a distinctly different style of skiing, with drier snow, colder temperatures and far fewer people. The skiing is superb and the terrain even better - from tree skiing to ski mountaineering and descents of over 1,200m (4,000') you can't ask for better! Classic big mountain alpine ski lines such as the Anniversary Glacier on Mt Matier, the Ausie Couloir on Joffre Peak and Heartstrings above Joffre Lakes are all gems well worth the extra effort. Not to mention the dozens of other excellent runs that only our Guides will take you to...

Garibaldi Neve traverse

(1-3 days; suitable for novice to intermediate skiers; good fitness required)
Visible just south of Whistler, the Garibaldi Neve traverse crosses though some pristine wilderness areas behind Garibaldi Mountain. This ski traverse is an excellent choice for an overnight ski tour that also includes a lot of great ski descents as well.  In good conditions, we try to include a ski descent of the North Face of Garibaldi, the highest mountain in the region, this coveted line will leave a smile on your face for days!

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